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Quality is a habit!

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit," said the Greek philosopher Aristotle when referring to life and his desire to achieve excellence. Durant summed up this concept by saying that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”.

I started my journey in the field of quality in 2009 and since then "quality" is my lifestyle. When I'm asked why I spend so much time preparing a training material or exercise package, I smile and think about the fact that I can't do my job otherwise. It's part of my being. I want to bring as much added value to the training participants. I do this starting with the preparation of training materials and exercises. Is quality a habit for you too?

Here's how I think quality can become a habit for each of us:

✅ Apply the Plan Do Check Act principle in everything you do and be aware that this cycle is repeating. Plan what you want, set your goals and actions to achieve those goals, constantly check if you have reached your goal and act if you deviate from your plan.

✅ Do quality things every day, don't limit yourself to a single event; A quality act will not replace another 10 mediocre acts. A great football player can manage to score a goal with an extraordinary shot, but he knows that he needs many extraordinary shots to progress and thus, he trains with the same seriousness and dedication every day to have many extraordinary shots.

✅ Constantly apply these 2 principles. It takes time to acquire this habit. Rehearsal will bring change. Spring does not come only with a flower! Consistency is the key to success.

✅ Learn from mistakes and incorporate the lessons learned immediately into daily activities. Don't wait for the next project to do better. Change the ongoing project to deliver a high level of added value! Following these steps, quality will become part of your brand and you will deliver quality products. Make it your mission: "To deliver quality to customers in everything I do."

People will see in you a trusted person who delivers excellent service every time. You will see: the "rumor" about the quality work delivered by you will spread quickly and new opportunities will become visible immediately. Embrace this philosophy. You have nothing to lose!

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