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PDCA is a key to success also in your private life!

Who said that PDCA principle can be used only in industry? PDCA is a strong tool that can boost your productivity. Have you tried it?

I invite you to start now! Start planning your week! Either you want to improve your eating habits, sport routine, reading and development program your can do it.

Start your PDCA:

🔑 First, Plan: Identify what are the three objectives you want to achieve next week. Plan clearly how you want to achieve them and what shall be the results. Keep in mind 80% of your results are achieved by 20% of your activities! Pay attention to non-value activities that are blocking your schedule but are not helping you achieve your targets!

🔧 Next, Do: Start working since early Monday morning (first hour) always with the objective in your head. Identify what is holding you back and how you can progress. Look at the root cause of any issues and set goals to overcome these obstacles.

🔎 Then, Check: review your process regularly (daily/end of the week), adjust your behaviors accordingly and consider the consequences of your actions and impact on your targets.

✅ Finally, Act: If you have not achieved your target analyze why and learn from this experience for next week. If your targets have been achieved apply the lesson learned for new objectives. Continually refine what is not working and carry on the circle of continuous improvement.

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