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We assist our clients in assuming the principles of quality and in the development, documentation and implementation of quality and environmental management systems.

We support the development of policies and procedures that will be the basis of implementation programs that will improve performance and achieve specific business objectives.

The services offered by Quality System Solutions are:

Implementation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949

Implementation of automotive process approach and risk based thinking

5S implementation

Implement Layered Process Audit

Cost improvement

Continuous Improvement Programs

Consulting methodology:

Step 1 : Define input data - Collect the input data needed for efficient planning of the consulting program. We send the client a checklist to be able to identify: the objectives of the project, the current status of the system, the resources involved, the deadlines and the experience of the team.

Step 2 : Gap Analysis: We perform a diagnostic assessment

Step 3 : Define Implementation Program

Step 4 : Implementation

Step 5 : Final assessment to confirm the achievement of objectives

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